Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today
The United States has had a long history of immigration, which still continues today! This site explores American immigration from the early 20th century through the early 21st century. Read about the experiences of individuals who immigrated to the United States, take a tour of Ellis Island, find out the details of immigration through statistics, and learn how to create your own oral history scrapbook!
Super Sleuth Game
Are you a super sleuth? Click on this site and see if you can find something that doesn't belong in each of these historical photographs. You're on your way to becoming a great detective.
Family History:
Use primary and secondary sources and oral history to compile a story about a child’s families’ immigration/migration story. (May take some teaching before activity)

Tenement Museum:
Take a virtual tour of the tenement museum. Compare Victoria Confino’s life to what you have learned in general about immigrants from her time period. Things to consider include:
• To what age children are required to attend school?
• What types of places people emigrated from—rural, urban?
• How people entered the United States and how the U.S. kept records of them.
• What types of barriers immigrants would need to overcome—language, finding work, finding a place to live?

Immigrant Experience:

Students can examine the photographs and then write a description of the immigrant experience.